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Medical Billing and Coding Programs

By Shannon Dauphin Lee, June 27, 2013

Medical billing and coding schools offer both associate degrees and medical billing and coding certificates for those who want to work behind the scenes in health care.

Pharmacy Technician Training

By Candice Mancini, June 27, 2013

Pharmacy technicians work with pharmacists to dispense prescription medications at pharmacies. College programs can help prepare you for pharmacy technician certification, which some states and employers require.

Behind The Scenes In A Public Health Career

January 1, 2000

Amy Metzger, Senior Health Program Specialist for Compassion International, shares some insights for a successful public health career during a fascinating interview for nursing and allied health care students.

Comparing Psychology Degrees: PsyD vs. PhD

January 1, 2000

Examines the differences between a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), and a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) degree and describes different Psychology specializations...

Epidemiology Career & Certificate

January 1, 2000

How would you like a job where every day brings a new and challenging medical mystery? Mystery, excitement and controversy: they're all in a day's work for an epidemiologist. Step into the world of epidemiology and learn about the Online Colleges..

Exploring Social Work and Counseling Careers

January 1, 2000

Learn how you may start a career in Social Work or Counseling, what you may do with a degree in Counseling or Social Work, education requirements, types of counseling degrees available, find online Counseling degree programs and Social Work degree programs.

Masters Degree in Health Care Ethics

January 1, 2000

Learn about the career of Health Ethics and discover how to pursue the credentials you may need to start a career in Bioethics with confidence.

Medical Social Work Careers ? Make a Difference As Part of the Healthcare Team

January 1, 2000

Read more about career in Social Work and find online Social Work degree from Nation's various Universities.

Pharmacy Tech - Career Opportunities

January 1, 2000

Browse schools offering online and campus based pharmacy technicians programs.

Public Health Career Profile

January 1, 2000

Discover what it would be like to help combat HIV/AIDS, Swine Flu, help decrease infant mortality and learn more about the opportunities available in Public Health Careers....

Respiratory Therapy Careers Degree Programs

January 1, 2000

Respiratory Therapist career information, training requirements, salary information, career video, and respiratory therapy degree programs, associate, bachelor, and masters degrees.

Sports Psychologists - Helping Athletes Get Back On Track

January 1, 2000

In sports a fraction of a second can make all the difference between winning and losing, and Sports Psychologists are in great demand. Explore a sports psychology career and search for online sports psychology degree programs and psychology schools.

The Booming Field of Medical Informatics

January 1, 2000

The recent passage of stimulus funding legislation supporting the adoption of electronic medical records is fueling the emergence of a career area known as Medical Informatics...

What Is Medical Assisting?

January 1, 2000

Who do you turn to for help in easing the anxiety of a doctors visit? The Medical Assistant is someone who may help.

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