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College Accreditation Facts For Online Learners

January 1, 2000

This article explains why accreditation is an important factor, students may consider when selecting an online school.

Online Degree Mills - How to Recognize and Avoid Them

January 1, 2000

Learn how to spot and avoid phony online degree scams. Protect the value of your online degree by being armed with facts!

Online Degrees VS Traditional Degrees

January 1, 2000

It is clear that online education is emerging as a popular choice for the new-age student. However, a debate is still raging over which is better - online degree programs or on-campus degrees. The answer might surprise you!

Online Nursing Degree and CLEP Tests

January 1, 2000

Learn more about CLEP exams and how you may pass them...

Why Non-Traditional Students Are Nervous About Attending College

January 1, 2000

This article addresses the major concerns non-traditional learners have and helps them get over those concerns.

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