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Paramedics put their lives on the line every time they respond to an emergency call, willingly enduring dangerous weather, bad traffic, and high risk of personal injury, in order to save lives when minutes count. Paramedics possess critical skills necessary to intervene in life threatening emergencies, and, acting under the supervision of a Medical Director, assess patients under field conditions, determining diagnosis, providing advanced pre-hospital emergency medical treatments such as basic trauma life support, ekg interpretation, establishing IV lines, administering pre-hospital pharmaceuticals, intubation, cardiac defibrillation, and more. Providing quick advanced emergency treatment directly to the patient at the scene gives rise greater stability for transport and greatly increases the probability of survival. The Paramedic is the pinnacle of achievement within the EMS profession and deserves our respect.

Being at the top of one`s career field is a double edged sword however. On the one hand, Paramedics can take satisfaction in their accomplishment and in the crucial work they do, but on the other hand, being at the top of one`s profession limits career advancement opportunities and income potential. Paramedic work is stimulating and satisfying, but long arduous shifts, venturing out time and again into potentially dangerous situations, risking needle sticks, disease transmittal, risk of injury, hard physical demands, and high stress take their toll both emotionally and physically, leading to a high burnout rate. After the adrenaline rush is gone and the toll on the body, emotions, and family begin to tell, Paramedics often begin to question doing the same job until reaching retirement age, and consider other options. There`s nothing wrong with that at all, in fact, it`s only natural.

How Does A Busy Paramedic Manage A Mid-Career Change?

Further education is the key to widening your career options, but working full-time as a Paramedic makes going back to a traditional college campus impractical—not to mention the cost of tuition, books, and so on. Luckily there are accredited online programs that provide the opportunity for you to build on the educational base you already possess in order to earn a degree online while balancing your personal and professional time.

Online degree programs offer the convenience of studying at your own pace, in your own place, and for a fraction of the price of a traditional campus-based program. Paramedics have succeeded in transitioning into careers in fire sciences, EMS management, health care management, and nursing without sacrificing their current job or family commitments thanks to the flexibility of online degree programs, and in many cases received tuition assistance from their employer while doing it.

The Online Paramedic to RN Program - Enjoy Limitless Career Opportunities As An RN. Nursing, it`s more than just a job!

Nursing is an exciting, challenging, and dynamic profession with limitless opportunities. Few career fields are evolving as rapidly as the field of nursing. Packed with interviews from more than 15 men in the nursing field, this DVD will open your eyes to the world of nursing in today`s workplace and explain how nursing is more than a job.

It`s An Easy Transition From Paramedic To RN, Isn`t It?

Your Paramedic education and experience provide a solid foundation to build on in the online Paramedic to RN bridge program, but there`s a lot you`ll have to learn in order to succeed. While your Paramedic training gave you a good background in providing emergency care, the practice of nursing requires a whole person approach and uses the nursing process as its foundation in order to improve outcomes for the patient over the long term. The good news is YOU DON`T HAVE TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN!

The College Network May Help Make A Nursing Degree A Reality

The College Network is an educational service company that works with faculty of leading universities to a provide Comprehensive Learning Modules to prepare you to earn college credit by passing credit-by-examination exams such as CLEP®, DSST®, and the Excelsior College® Examination. Credits awarded by these credit-by-examination programs may be applied toward Excelsior College’s associate’s degree in nursing. College Network advisers can help you determine an estimate of your course requirements, help you through the Comprehensive Learning Modules covering basic nursing concepts and practices to enable you to pass the nursing course tests, and help you learn necessary Clinical Competencies through interactive computer simulation training. You`ll have the learning material, advise, guidance, and support you need to pass Excelsior`s online Paramedic to RN (ADN) degree program. The College Network is so confident that you will be successful on the college equivalency exams — they even guarantee it!

“I chose The College Network because I felt it was the perfect answer for furthering my career. I am a self-motivated learner and my wife is a nurse. I knew I would have a lot of help getting through the program if I needed it. I work 24 hour shifts and I am able to study a lot during that time. I like the self paced atmosphere. There is no pressure at all and I can learn at my own pace. I am amazed at the ease of this program. I was nervous, but once I passed my first test, I immediately signed up for the rest of them. The Comprehensive Learning Modules are very thorough. They provide all the information you need to pass your exams and I have been able to use what I learn on a daily basis. My family and I would like to thank The College Network for this program.”- Christopher Combs, Independence, KY, Paramedic to RN Degree Program Graduate

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