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RN to MSN Bridge Programs - Potential Fast Track to Success

Submitted by Admin on December 10, 2009, 11:12 am
RN to MSN Online Bridge Program

Why wait to get your Master’s of Science in Nursing degree when you can take the first step on the path right now? You don’t need to plod through a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program first; just choose a Bridge program and kill two birds with one stone.

Online RN to MSN Bridge programs offer a convenient and flexible means for busy nurses to earn their Master of Science in Nursing degree in a fraction of the time and for half the cost of traditional programs. This is a fantastic option if you are an experienced registered nurse, have a clear idea of your desired field of specialty, or simply want to save time and money.

One RN from Georgia was ecstatic when she received her BSN degree and was able to qualify for a job within an oncology department. However, two years later when a supervisory position became available in the same department, she was unable to apply for the job because it required applicants to have an MSN degree. “I realize now that even though I didn’t have my whole career path planned out, I would have saved myself time and money by doing an RN to MSN Bridge program instead,” she says. “It would have positioned me to be a shoe-in for these kinds of opportunities.”

Don’t wait to apply for the job that you want before finding out that you don’t have the necessary qualifications. Think about your long-term hopes and goals right now. Will further education be needed down the road? Then get that education now. An online RN to MSN Bridge program is the quickest and most direct route to success in your nursing career.

Tom, an RN who is currently pursuing his RN to MSN degree through Regis University's online RN to MS in Nursing Bridge Program, agrees. “I don’t know whether I’ll decide to take my critical care experience to the next level, or go into teaching or research,” he says. “One thing is for sure, I’ll have a lot more options this way and I’ll be able to get there faster.”

Following the national movement towards online educational programs, many RN to MSN Bridge programs can be completed entirely online through an accredited institution. Since most working RNs don’t have the spare time to attend class in a traditional university, not to mention the demands of family and personal obligations, the online Bridge program is the perfect solution. Like Tom, you can take the quick way to success while continuing to gain real-life experience through your current job.

In addition to giving you the chance at more specialized career options, the other huge perk offered by RN to MSN Bridge programs is that you’ll be earning more sooner. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009), the top 10% of nurses earn an average annual salary of over $75,000, and many are making six figures. That top 10% is the most highly educated segment: most have at least a Master of Science in Nursing, and many go on to pursue further education beyond that. If you are eagerly anticipating a pay raise with each subsequent degree you tick off your list, why not take the most direct path and get your MSN?

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of the accompanying pay increase upon graduation from an accredited online program, but your MSN can also be the foundation for pursuing further education such as a PhD or specialized training. As a nurse educator with an MSN, for example, you may decide to continue with doctorate studies to progress in your career. If you are a practicing RN who is ready to take the quick way to success, an online RN to MSN degree program is a perfect choice for you. Start now to find a program that is right for you.

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